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Donna Stellhorn
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Free Tele-Classes each week.

Donna Stellhorn is hosting free tele-classes each week. Join us for classes on making New Moon Wishes, Learning to read the Tarot, Increasing Your Intuition and other topics. Classes are by phone from the comfort of your own home.

 Email for more information and upcoming class schedule. 

Chinese Astrology 2014 Forecasts

Follow the link to read about your sign in 2014.

2014 Year of the Wood Horse

2014 Year of the Wood Horse More than just Chinese Horoscopes, this 2014, Year of the Wood Horse eBook offers predictions and specific Feng Shui Cures for each Chinese Zodiac Sign. You'll find an expanded Chinese Astrology Compatibility section: 144 combinations of what works and what doesn't in love relationships.

What can my Chinese Zodiac Sign reveal about my future, my luck in 2014?

What should I know about the five Chinese elements, Mercury Retrograde, or Eclipses this year?

How can I get rid of negative energy and bring in the positive energy using 2014 Flying Star predictions?

2014 brings significant business and intense romantic opportunities for those who can harness the particular power of the Chinese Year of the Horse.
2014 Year of the Wood Horse PDF version eBook $9.99


Books on Kindle

Feng Shui Form by Donna Stellhorn

Feng Shui Form by Stellhorn   Feng Shui is not about having a perfect house, it’s simply that your environment affects you. The space you live and work in either supports you and brings you the life you want to live. Or your space depletes you, taking your energy and your resources and making you work much harder for what you want. Feng Shui Form is filled with easy tips that can change your living and working spaces into supportive, reenergizing spaces that attract opportunities for wealth, romance and good health.
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Feng Shui: A better life is as easy as moving a piece of furniture.

orange sofa and woman on the phone Feng Shui is so powerful and so immediate that people often are shocked at how quickly changes happen in their lives. I tell people every day, if you do the change correctly you can have results in 72 hours or less. That is just three days to a noticeable change. And from that change the energy can build. Changes in your environment really can change your life.  More about Feng Shui

Space Clearing: Eliminate worry and stress by using this sacred Native American method.

the tools of space clearing Sometimes a home or office just starts to feel "wrong". Maybe you can’t quite put your finger on it, but you know the energy of the space is affecting you. Or, maybe you know exactly when the energy changed, but you are unsure what to do about it. Then again, perhaps you've bought a new place and don’t know the previous residents; so you just don't know what kind of energy they left in the place.

You don't know whether they enjoyed great success, or if they were facing a lot of difficulties in their lives. All you are concerned about at this moment is that you simply know your house or office just doesn’t feel right and the space needs to be cleared. More about Space Clearing


eBook now available

A Path to Pregnancy: Ancient Secrets for the Modern Woman

A Path to Pregnancy: Ancient Secrets for the Modern Woman. For women and men looking to add fertility energy to their lives using ancient secrets from different cultures around the world. This book shows you how to shift the energy to welcome a baby into your lives by using symbols, colors, herbs, and food. These are the things our ancestors did to get pregnant and they can work for you too.


Testimonials for Donna Stellhorn You weren't kidding when you said things would start happening! I booked a commercial this month, an agent wants me to come meet with him next week, and I was offered my own internet TV show. L. L. in New York

I just wanted to thank you so much for this last session with my Mom. You helped spread that understanding and peace to us both.
D. W. in Arizona

My Friend told me her daughter had a consultation with you and then met her future husband 5 weeks later! A.H. in Massachusetts

Thank you so much for the timely response, can’t believe how powerful this cure has been for me. I was owed some money at work so I followed your suggestion of removing everything, I cleaned the door and handle and then added a few items and was very thoughtful in doing so. Late yesterday my boss called my in to his office, apologized and gave me checks’ worth over $7,000 plus I have more coming!!! Thank you again. S. L. in Nevada

Since I use the phone number xxx-xxxx my luck has change a lot. This year is the best year for me,  I'm getting a lot of business. A lot of people looking for me for partnership in business. Thank you to you for helping me to choose the number.
Y. A. H. in Dubai

Thank you for challenging me to do both garages by the end of May!! I have a tremendous sense of accomplishment. It was very difficult at times, but completely worth the "lightness of being" that I feel. Thank you for making a difference in my life! Again! D. J. in Arizona

I was in the middle of a business deal that was very frustrating…I called Donna and within a few minutes she helped me understand exactly what was happening. I protected myself and turned what could have been a financial disaster into a handsome profit. M.C. in California

Great news -- I've attracted a wonderful new love into my life! It seems the Feng Shui worked immediately. J.C. in Vermont