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Astrology Consultations

An Astrology chart can reveal the truth about a situation, it can show why a spouse or child is acting the way they do, it can indicate what the results would be from decisions you are faced with now. An Astrology chart also helps you gain understanding about yourself and those you care about. For thousands of years people have used Astrology charts for questions about love, money, health, and the future. Charts can be used to see a situation more clearly, gain insight into what others are thinking, and give you the information you need to help you make important choices. 

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Astro-Cartography can help you identify your personal power places on earth; places where you can optimize your life experience. The maps are calculated based on your natal information – date, time, and place of birth. These maps show the lines of the planets as the cross the continents, countries and cities of the world. And these lines indicate positive places and challenging places for you on earth. 

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an Astro-Cartography chart and globe

Relationship Astrology

Astrologers can choose between two types of charts when reading relationships between people. First, by placing one person's planets into the other person's chart, we can see the energies which connect the two people, and the energies pull the two people apart. This is called Synastry. The second type of charts takes the two charts and mathematically calculates a single chart for the people involved either by finding the midpoint between each pair of planets or by finding the midpoint in time and space. The first chart is called a Composite and the second charts is called a Davison. 

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Financial Astrology

There are two types of Financial Astrology. One involves reading a person’s chart to see their ability to create and manage money. From this type of reading we see if the person can and will inherit money, make money from career, make money in lawsuits, through marriage, or through investments. The chart will also indicate luck with lottery, gambling, or other games of chance. The chart will say whether the person can budget or if they spend everything. And, using transits and progressions, it can be determined whether money will be made or lost in the future. 

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Solar Returns

A Solar Return chart is a chart for the moment each year when the Sun returns to the exact place when you born.  This chart, which falls very close to your birthday, gives us a clear picture of your upcoming year (birthday to birthday)  in the areas of love, money, health, career, and relationships with family and friends.

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Astrological Progressions

Of the various methods of progressing the chart into the present in order to project future possibilities I use Secondary and Solar Arc.  These two charts reveal your emotional development and predict upcoming events very accurately.  These charts are used when knowing about the future is important.  Both of these charts can be used in conjunction with the Transits to confirm dates of upcoming positive and stressful energy. 

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Eclipse Calendar

Find the date and time of upcoming eclipses.

Private Astrology Lessons

Weekly and biweekly lessons are available by phone with Donna Stellhorn. Learn natal chart delineation, prediction, compatibility, Astro-Cartography, Horary, progressions, solar returns, financial and medical Astrology and more. All with a focus on the charts you are most interested in, the charts of your friends and family.

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Mercury Retrograde Calendar

Three or four times a year the planet Mercury appears to be moving backwards from the Earth's perspective, and during that time there is much more chaos than usual. Even people who don't follow Astrology notice when Mercury is retrograde. Mercury is the planet that rules (and therefore affects) your car, email, your cell phone, communication, your bills, etc. During Mercury Retrograde there are disturbances in the normal flow of things which can cause great stress...or we can use Mercury Retrograde to our benefit.

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13th Constellation

While there may be 13 constellations (and actually there are a lot more) there are only 12 signs/personality designations because it's not the signs we're describing but sections of the sky.

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