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Donna Stellhorn
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“Help Me Declutter” packages

What you need is less clutter

Sometimes the reason clutter accumulates is the house itself is being bombarded by stressful external energy.

Sometimes clutter happens because there's unbalanced or unhappy energy within the home.

And sometimes we have clutter because we're not living the lives we want to live.

I can help you
without even setting foot into your home.

Decluttering can help you relax. Studies show that at home stress levels are highest when we're dealing with belongings. 84% of Americans say they are stressed because they feel their homes are not clean enough. Getting rid of excess stuff removes negative energy. Every bit of decluttering you do will help bring you more peace at home.

Decluttering can help you feel better physically. When there's a lot of stuff it's hard to clean and get rid of dust, mold and bugs. A clear space can help you sleep better.

Decluttering helps bring in new opportunities and positive energy. Having too much stuff is like having your hands full. It's hard to accept something, even a gift from the Universe if your already holding on to something else.

Decluttering helps you let go of guilt and shame. Few things in the world hold us back as much as ourselves. When we're embarrassed of where we live we shut out the world and all the things the world can offer us like friendships, relationships, friends for our kids, and deeper connections with family. You can create a home that you're proud to show off.

Want to get started?

Have a Feng Shui Declutter session. In this session you get:

You get a 30 minute phone session with Feng Shui expert, Donna Stellhorn. In this session we'll determine if there's an external cause creating negative energy in the home and we'll discuss the quick and easy solutions. We'll talk about possible internal situations that can be creating clutter. And we'll look at your innate talents and abilities that can be freed when there's less clutter

You also get five illustrated worksheets to targeting clutter to unblock positive energy

#1 Where to remove clutter in the home to bring in money opportunities

#2 Where clutter in the home can block job opportunities

#3 How to bring in more relationship opportunities by getting rid of stuff

#4 How to have better relationships with family and friends by decluttering

#5 Decluttering for weight loss

All this is a $185 value but it's just $97

Feng Shui Declutter Session
just $97

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Help Me Declutter 10 Week Package

Do you need someone to check in on you to keep you on track? Someone to guide you to in the decluttering process to make it the most effective possible? And to give you a pep talk when you need one?

In this package you get 10 weekly sessions by phone to check in on your process and guide you to the areas that will benefit you the most by clearing. Plus you get five illustrated worksheets and three declutter tip sheets. This is a $1175 value for just $299

Help Me Declutter 10 Week Package
just $299

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You can go from this...

A cluttered closet

to this!

A decluttered closet

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