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Donna Stellhorn
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Space Clearing for Home and Office..

© Ivo9999 | Dreamstime.com - Dry Sage Sticks Photo Smudging of home or office.

House blessings.

Remote space clearings.

Clearing a house energetically can help you fall in love with your house once again. It can help you get back on track emotionally; help you regain your interest in life and the future. It can help clear the way for prosperity and productivity in your business. Or, if it is time to move, than clearing residual negativity can help the house sell more quickly.

Donna can assist you in clearing your home.  During a live phone call, Donna will be with you as she reads the energy in your home or office and Donna will guide you step by step through the clearing. 

Have Donna help you with a space clearing


Private Classes in Smudging...

© Ivo9999 | Dreamstime.com - Dry Sage Sticks Photo Learn the proper way to clear a house.

Have the option of clearing by sage, salt or sound.

Discover how to verify that a space has cleared.

Learn how to clear spaces using sage, salt and sound. And become familiar with the different tools, learning the step by step instructions to clearing a person, place and object. Learn how to test and measure your results.

Contact Donna about studying Space Clearing


Bless your new home...

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Are you or your family sensitive to smoke and herbs?

Have a house blessing instead.

Bless your new home to bring good luck and prosperity.

Donna can guide you through the steps to bless your new home using simple things like pure water, flowers, salt and sounds. Start your life in your new home bringing love, joy, peace and prosperity.

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Sage & Smudge Booklet

Sage & Smudge: Secrets of Clearing Your Personal Space Donna's Best-Selling booklet outlining how to clear a person, place or object with sage.