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The Phases of the Moon

Predictions for 2018 - Webinar

2018 is filled with opportunities and your chart is your road map to finding and receiving the bounty of the Universe.

Your Sun Sign is the archetype of energies you can access. It's is the best and brightest qualities, talents and abilities that are inside of you. These are the attributes you can inhabit and bring to life for your benefit and the benefit of others. When the stars align with your Sun Sign you can shine.

Your Moon Sign is how you protect and comfort yourself. It's how you take care of others and how you want to be cared for. This is where you can feel vulnerable and uncertain. When the stars align with your Moon Sign you can find inner strength you never knew you had.

Your Ascendant or Rising Sign is your physical self, your confidence in the world, your assertiveness, basically how you go about getting what you want. When the stars align with your Ascendant you have opportunities to get the interview, the date, the offer, the opportunity.

In this class we'll be looking at predictions for 2018 through the signs of the zodiac. You can use this information with your Sun Sign, Moon Sign and Ascendant.

This class will become available January 4th. Preorder this class today.


Predictions for 2018 - $9.99

If you don't know your Moon Sign or your Ascendant click here to order a copy of your chart. In the message box list your date of birth, time of birth and place of birth. If you don't know your time of birth I will not be able to give you your Ascendant but I will be able to estimate your Moon Sign. You will receive your Astrology chart as a PDF by email within one business day.

Your Astrology Chart - $3.00

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Recorded Class with Workbook

Attracting Opportunities:
Using Feng Shui to Change Your Life

Your personal environment affects your life. And your front door is the key to all new opportunities that can come into your life. Using Feng Shui principles you can stimulate the energy and allow opportunities to come. We'll be talking about easy changes you can make to your entryway and front door including color and symbols focused on different energies. 2 hour class plus workbook.  

Attracting Opportunities:
Feng Shui of the Front Door
This class is just $17.50

Sample pages from the PDF workbook

An Astrological Calendar An Astrological Calendar

You'll learn about:

and much more!

Attracting Opportunities:
Feng Shui of the Front Door
This class is just $17.50

What students are saying...

This class was very powerful.   Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.  I appreciate your talents and gifts. Mary in Scottsdale, AZ

Thank you so much for the class; this is a lot of information to assimilate. The book is a work in and of itself.  Famey in Sterling, VA

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Pre-Recorded Webinars


Five Element
Chinese Astrology

A woman looking at her laptop

Using the Five elements of Chinese Astrology we can quickly see compatibility between a person and their environment or a person and another person.

Would you like to know if a house would be a good choice for you and your family? Would you like to know why some people are so supportive of you and others seem to deplete you? The answer can be found in Chinese Astrology through the five elements.

In this introductory webinar you'll learn:  

  • the energy signature of each of the five elements

  • the creative and destructive cycles of the elements

  • how to find your personal element

  • how elements interact with each other in personal relationships and with places we live and work.  

  • we'll dig deeper and discover all four pillar elements in your chart

  • plus bonus material on compatibility of Chinese Zodiac signs. 

Five Elements Webinar - $17.50

Clip from Five Elements Webinar: Types of Houses


Clip from Five Elements Webinar: The Creative Cycle

Clip from Five Elements Webinar: A Fire Person in a Wood House

Clip from Five Elements Webinar: Two Fire People with One Earth Person

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